my life, as lyss.
My first niece was also born the 18th😍idk If I’ve posted it yet
Visited my kid today man


my boyfriend is being so fucking stupid lately like he literally finds a way to blame EVERY single thing on me like can you grow the fuck up???? there literally is no way that that could even possibly be my fault. fuck you.



When I was little, I always wanted to go to Disney Land and earlier this year I was able to go with my school (◕‿◕✿)
From our hood to your hoodHttp://

When I cry
I am gonna miss being around this kid every day. I always tell him he has “cool syndrome” lol😂💕💕💕
Mango seriously perfected this recycler for me. Nicest function I’ve seen yet. Also pictured are the other goodies I scooped from him: matching dome, the double sided UV alien pendie, and a slyme alien weaponry carb cap (surprise goodie!)


My confucktion every nug is different

I’m so sick of failing in every area of my life 😔

Anonymous said: Where did u get that purpley blue bong from?

The pink slyme one? That’s from ghost cat glass. The bigger puple lilac minitube is toris, she got it from rebelzglass. :)

Cute Black Panther